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With in-person networking events being our traditional source of new leads in the past, the pandemic forced us to find a new way to get in front of business owners. Jesse and his team shared some of the capabilities of their service with me and I quickly saw that this was the way we could scale our outreach on LinkedIn. I love how they are able to instantly sync my new leads into our CRM platform so all of my communications are in one place. In just a short period of time we’ve made some promising new connections with no signs of slowing down.


Todd Ringler

500+ New
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200+ LinkedIn Conversations


15+ New Event Attendees

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The Alternative Board is a company that offers peer-advisory group facilitation for business owners and key stakeholders of larger businesses. With the world of sole proprietorships and entrepreneurship exploding at a rapid pace, TAB gives these business individuals a space to come each month and air out their issues with other like minded business people. Oftentimes issues that come up have been tackled by other attendees and overcome. TAB was looking to find a new avenue for spreading the word about their service to business owners in their franchise county. They offer a power lunch at a local high-end steakhouse as an introduction to what a monthly meeting feels like. They had been active on LinkedIn prior but couldn’t find the time to scale their connection requests and follow up.

With a very defined geography of one county of business owners set and the backdrop of most business owners going through the midst of an unprecedented world-wide pandemic, we crafted a connection and follow-up messaging sequence that would hit on checking in with business owners. We got the conversations going by asking our new connections how they were managing during the difficult time. It was obvious right away that these owners were yearning for someone to talk to that could relate to what they were going through. Adding their new prospects to their email marketing universe keeps the direct link to sign up for their power lunch in front of these connections every month.

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