Branding & Collateral

Same team: new logo, new branding, new identity

Website Design

Maximum aesthetics with a “to the point” message

Social Media Advertising

Matched the vibe of their video to the vibe of their target audience


Newsletters that look so good they actually get read

The Setup

New Frontiers are a team of passionate educators and coaches that help their clients overcome their obstacles so they can fully reach their potential in life. Daniel and his team came to us with a plea – Help us look cool and confident! We worked alongside the management team on updating their logo and branding to exude a warm feeling of confidence and intelligence. 

With the logo and branding set, we quickly turned our attention to their website. Their previous site had tons of great information and value-added content but it was disorganized and too text-heavy. We relaid out all of the pages so it flowed better for the end-user, was optimized for lead generation, and replaced text-heavy pages with new imagery and video content. 

Once the brand and website were squared away, it was time to start driving potential clients to the website. We built out a year-long multichannel campaign that covered social media both organically and through paid content, email marketing, and video production. Monthly content calendars highlighted the coaches as experts and thought leaders in their field while at the same time showcasing the updated aesthetic of the company. 

The results both with clients and with peers within the industry were astounding. The business continues to increase month over month and their new marketing efforts have opened up opportunities with referral sources that hadn’t noticed them in the past. We continue to consult with New Frontiers on a monthly basis and have helped integrate a marketing mindset into the fabric of their company culture. 

Words From Our Client

“We began working with Viola in late 2019.  We had worked with (and considered working with many more) digital marketing partners over the years, and I always felt like we were a client, we represented ‘a fee’, and there were unclear parameters around what work they could do (either due to willingness or technical capability). Jesse has a very relatable style—not to mention a very sharp eye for what works—that really appealed to me. As we started working together more closely, he and his top-flight team never balked when I asked for a content/design revision, responded immediately to all questions, and probably most importantly, really took the time to educate me on what the trends/best practices are, WHY they are that way, and HOW we are going to apply that understanding to our work together. I view Viola as an extension of our team, and we’ve made incredible progress in a relatively short time due to that dynamic—and we’re just getting started”

Daniel Koffler
New Frontiers

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