I always knew that attorneys loved networking with each other but I had no idea how many were active on LinkedIn. Almost immediately after launching the messaging campaign my phone started ringing. Within the first two months I must have had a dozen phone conversations with other attorneys and another dozen with referrals from those attorney’s. With the universe of lawyers on LinkedIn growing every day I don’t think I will ever need to turn off my Digital Native campaign or find another source to generate referral source leads.

Matthew K. Tannenbaum
Real Estate Attorney


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Matthew Tannenbaum has over 20 years of experience within the Long Island court systems representing his clients in the disciplines of real estate law, landlord/tenant law, as well as probate, will and estates. The firm’s source of new clients often comes from referrals from other attorneys in different disciplines of law. To support this referral system, Mr Tannenbaum deploys a strong email marketing campaign to help him stay top of mind with his referral sources. He found that his universe of email contacts was stagnant and not really growing from month to month. He came to us in early December of 2020 looking to connect with other real estate and multi-discipline attorneys as referral sources.


Since December of 2020, we have sent out over 5,000 new connection requests through LinkedIn on behalf of Mr Tannenbaum. The initial goal of the campaign was to add emails to his distribution list but once launched we quickly pivoted to include his phone number in the messaging sequence as new connections were bringing live leads to the table almost instantly. The addition of emails to his list quickly became a secondary goal to actually booking referral meetings straight from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator messenger.

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