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We began working with Viola in late 2019.  We had worked with(and considered working with many more) digital marketing partners over the years, and I always felt like we were a client, we represented ‘a fee’, and there were unclear parameters around what work they could do(either due to willingness or technical capability). Jesse has a very relatable style—not to mention a very sharp eye for what works—that really appealed to me. As we started working together more closely, he and his top-flight team never balked when I asked for a content/design revision, responded immediately to all questions, and probably most importantly, really took the time to educate me on what the trends/best practices are, WHY they are that way, and HOW we are going to apply that understanding to our work together. I view Viola as an extension of our team, and we’ve made incredible progress in a relatively short time due to that dynamic—and we’re just getting started

Daniel Koffler
New Frontiers

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