Camelot Limos

The stage 5 clinger campaign

An unconventional approach with huge results – 150K views in the first 30 days
with pennies invested.

The website build

Showcasing the brands elegance and class while optimizing lead generation efforts.

Upgraded Branding

Taking their logo from old and dated to modern and classy.

Email Marketing

Segmenting their business units and creating curated custom campaigns for each.

As new business owners, we had so much to wrap our arms around – our fleet, our staff, our customers, and most importantly our marketing. We needed a website, a better digital presence, and a social campaign that made sense. Luckily, we met the team at Viola Media through the BNI membership that came with the purchase of the business nearly 2 years ago. In hindsight, it’s been the single biggest positive momentum builder for our brand. Thanks Viola Media!

T. Alan DeRossett
Camelot Specialty Limos

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