Branding & Collateral

Taking their logo from old and dated to modern and classy.

Website Design

Showcasing the brand’s elegance and class while optimizing lead generation efforts.

Social Media Advertising

An unconventional approach with huge results – 150k views in the first 30 days with pennies invested.


Segmenting their business units and creating curated custom campaigns for each.

The Setup

Camelot exists in an industry that is very visual and content-rich. When Alan and his team took over the business from a previous owner, they wanted to dial in the details of their branding first to better communicate their commitment to style and customer service. We worked with the team to update their logo and branding to be more modern aesthetic while remaining sophisticated. We refreshed their logo to highlight a regal knight’s helmet that screamed class.  

Their new website needed to highlight their vehicles front and center. We restacked the site so the elegance of their limos, classic cars, and party buses were the first images their potential customers would see. Camelot’s commitment to going above and beyond for their customers was layered throughout the internal pages. Lastly, we made sure it was easy for potential customers to provide their information and set up sales calls. 

Now that their branding and website were looking sharp it was time to turn our attention to the brides and grooms to be in their market. We crafted campaigns streaked with humor to get the attention of their target audience. It was important for the Camelot team to have their content stand out from the white noise that the rest of the industry normally puts out. Quarterly video campaigns poke fun at all that goes into planning that extra special wedding day. 

The results for Camelot have been outstanding. Their business is booming not just in the wedding industry, but they’ve opened up new lines of leisure and business travel aided by our efforts. They are seen as a leader in their market with all of the cutting edge marketing tactics they implore. It’s important to note the commitment that Alan and his team make to prioritizing marketing. They go above and beyond to push their creativity to the limits and take calculated risks.

Words From Our Client

“As new business owners, we had so much to wrap our arms around – our fleet, our staff, our customers, and most importantly our marketing. We needed a website, a better digital presence, and a social campaign that made sense. Luckily, we met the team at Viola Media through the BNI membership that came with the purchase of the business nearly 2 years ago. In hindsight, it’s been the single biggest positive momentum builder for our brand. Thanks Viola Media!”

T. Alan DeRossett
Camelot Specialty Limos

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